A New Metro Manila

August 18, 2008

Urban living. Yes, it’s hip. Yes, it’s fast. Yes, it’s exciting. Yet, it’s also traffic-choked, polluted and cluttered. In the rapidly developing and densely populated jungle that is Metro Manila, we can’t help but be frustrated by all the troubles that the bustling metropolis is throwing at us.

Here’s an interesting proposition: Why not put up another metropolis?

It is with this in mind that Ayala Land is pushing through with the country’s most massive real estate undertaking to date. Nuvali, as they call this groundbreaking project, will change the social and economic landscape of the province of Laguna as it is set to be Ayala Land’s largest master-planned regional hub in the Philippines.

“It terms of size, it’s about eight times the size of the Makati Central Business District and is roughly an hour away from Makati. The development is well-connected but is also the gateway to Region 4—so we feel that its size and its location will really make Nuvali a metropolis that has strong regional connections,” shares Jim Ayala, president of Ayala Land.

This 1,600-hectare ecologically, socially and economically sustainable community will have urban centers, residential enclaves, business initiatives and infrastructure developments. Punctuating the aesthethics are a man-made lake and a Discovery Center.

The Nuvali residences

Nuvali will feature the simultaneous launch of three different residential developments from Ayala Land and its subsidiaries, each with its distinct lifestyle offerings designed to answer to the diverse needs of its particular market segment, allowing Nuvali’s new way of life to be more accessible to a broader market.

Abrio, the first Ayala Land Premier property within Nuvali, will usher in a new level of privacy, security, and sustainability that will set the standard for the company’s next-generation exclusive neighborhoods.

Vibrant urban living without compromise is brought in by Community Innovations’ Treveia. A distinct blueprint combines comprehensive and innovative amenities, venues for community convergence and architecturally modern homes anchored on Nuvali’s sustainable vision. Offering a healthful, family-nurturing and eco-friendly urban life within a progressive development like Nuvali defines Treveia as a sprawling, green community where future residents can balance urban conveniences with personal relationships and health.

Avida Settings provides a creatively designed eco-friendly community intended to promote close family relationships and underscores a unique master plan that incorporates the green ribbon concept (bringing nature literally to the doorsteps of its residents).

“Nuvali offers a lifestyle where it’s focused on life and nature as well as technology and productivity leading to what we hope becomes a new way of life,” Ayala discloses.

Lifestyle elevation

“Undertaking a development such as Nuvali is a very exciting and collaborative process—much of it starts with our urban planners. We look at what’s happening at a regional level and then look at what we can do to elevate the lifestyle of Filipino communities,” says Ayala. “We’ve also put in quite a number of new dimensions that really define Nuvali as the ultimate address for balanced living.”

Pedestrian-friendly paths and transit systems contribute to making Nuvali’s vision of breaking the stereotype that an urban lifestyle is chaotic. To foster eco-friendly living, passive green design and technology will also be in place such as permeable paving and bio-swales for the streets and double-piping to reuse water. Construction of high-rises and solar panels will optimize the benefits of shade and direct sun to ensure efficient energy use.

“Because of the way we’re designing our community, you’ll probably decide to walk or take your bike instead of driving. There are many features that we have planned that make it safer for pedestrians and bikers such us tree-lined sidewalks and dedicated bike lanes,” Ayala equips. “In terms of public transportation, we will be very strict with respect to the kind of engines the buses will use, for example, to reduce smoke-belching and ensure that the air is fresh and clean. All of this means that Nuvali will be the ideal place to live a balanced lifestyle.”

The idea is that by blending the potential of a progressive community with respect for the natural environment, Nuvali will translate urban ideals into a more balanced and happier lifestyle. Nuvali strikes the ideal balance between Filipino lifestyle essentials and responsible urban planning and design.

He further adds, “It’s much more natural for us to be interacting with nature than walking in a concrete jungle—but at the same time, we want a community to be progressive and productive as well. Nuvali is really about the evolution of living, so we are making deliberate moves to ensure that people can co-exist with nature in a sustainable and productive way.”

Source: Ayala Land Inc. Article Listing

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