Nuvali: A Model in Sustainable Living

August 18, 2008

Business Mirror 6/5/2008

Answering the global call for a greener way of life, real-estate leader Ayala Land responds with its vision of sustainable living in Nuvali.

Nuvali — an innovation in master-planned development, combining the latest in green building technology with sustainable planning, architecture and construction — aims to become the country’s first ecopolis, a place where both people and nature thrive.

This commitment can be seen in all aspects of the community — in its retail and corporate spaces, as well as its residential enclaves.

Its streets use bioswales that help filter groundwater and permeable paving that helps reduce d effects

It will also have sewer treatment plants enhanced with green wetlands for more efficient sewer management.

Nuvali’s homes will include earth-friendly features like double piping which allows water to be recycled.

Outside are tree-lined pedestrian and bike lanes.

Residents can ride in the privately managed transit system circulating within Nuvali and linking to Metro Manila and other regional hub like Alabang and Batangas that uses only environmentally friendly vehicles.

Ayala Land hopes that all this will lead to a healthier, less stressful kind of life that they call “evoliving” which is the “seamless weaving of life, nature and technology to secure a vibrant future.”

Ayala Land and its subsidiaries launched three different residential developments in Nuvali — Ayala Premier, Community Innovations and Avida.

It has also recently sealed a landmark partnership with General Electric Inc. (GE), which will allow to take advantage of GE’s advanced, energy-efficient technology to help Nuvali citizens live and work in a sustainable manner.

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