US Couple Finds Home in Ayala Greenfield Estates

August 18, 2008

“When we went to take a look at the place, there were no roads yet,” recalls Filipino-American Myrna Robb of her first visit to Ayala Greenfield Estates with husband Michael, back in 2000. The residential development of Ayala Land in Calamba, Laguna was newly launched at that time, and Myrna had seen a newspaper ad about it while on vacation in the Philippines.  “There was just the view deck standing on top of a hill, and inside was a scale model.  I remember the breeze blowing at the roof deck.  We immediately fell in love with the view.”

The Robb couple was scheduled to leave for the US the day after that first visit, but made sure they paid the reservation fee at Ayala Greenfield Estates before they left.  The rest of the transaction was completed in the US.  Construction of their house began in 2005, and by March 2006, the couple had happily relocated from Evansville, Indiana to their grand new home in Ayala Greenfield.

The decision to retire in the Philippines was not a difficult one. “The US is a good place for the young,” Myrna observes, “but not for the old people. Often, they are taken to nursing homes, unlike here where they get to stay in their own homes and are cared for by their family. This is the big difference. There is more quality of life when you grow older here. It is not stressful.” Other relatives residing abroad, like a cousin from Surrey and another cousin from Alaska, were recent guests at the Robb home in Ayala Greenfield Estates.  They too have started entertaining the thought of retiring at the tranquil village overlooking Laguna Lake.  “They are just waiting for the other phases of Ayala Greenfield Estates to open,” says Myrna.

The Robbs’ son, Michael Andrew, a neurologist in Virginia, USA, came to the Philippines last Christmas and saw the house in Ayala Greenfield Estates for the first time.  Ginger, a Japanese friend from the Robbs’ former hometown of Evansville, Indiana, also came to visit and stayed for one whole week. “Is this a dream?” Myrna recalls Ginger asking.  “She liked it so much, she promised to come back.”

From the roof deck of the Robbs’s hilltop house, one gets a splendid 360-degree view that begins with Laguna de Bay in the north, rises up to Mount Makiling in the east, then rolls down to green countryside in the south and Tagaytay Ridge in the west. There are two kitchens in the three-level house following the slope of the hill. Myrna prepares most of her husband’s simple meals in the small kitchen on the ground floor. The heartier Filipino meals are prepared in the bigger kitchen in the basement, which becomes even busier when Myrna has relatives and friends over. Recently, she hosted a Rosary Luncheon for her former classmates from Santa Isabel College.  Last year, her class celebrated their golden jubilee.

Originally from Santa Cruz, Laguna, Myrna and her family came to Manila during World War II. After high school, Myrna left for the US where she pursued a bachelor’s degree with a major in Music History at the University of Louisville in Kentucky. This was also where she met her husband, Michael Robb, who worked for his family’s die-casting company. They married on September 11th, forty-one years ago. Myrna and Michael have two children– neurologist Michael Andrew, who is based in Virginia, and nurse Audrey, who lives with her husband and four children just outside Washington, D.C.

Myrna loves to entertain.  On Father’s Day in June, she organized a get-together at the Ayala Greenfield Estates Village Clubhouse for her grown-up nieces and nephews and their families.  Myrna also likes to swim in the infinity pool of the clubhouse for exercise. She likes taking leisurely walks around the village where she feels safe under the watchful eyes of the friendly and courteous security guards who are on duty twenty-four hours everyday. At home, Myrna finds playing the piano very relaxing. “I don’t have to worry about disturbing my neighbors!” she laughs. There are now twenty-seven houses standing at Ayala Greenfield Estates, and twenty are under construction. When the community becomes fully occupied, a total of two thousand houses will stand on the 350-hectare residential development.

Last Christmas, Myrna made her own Christmas tree out of the fallen branches of the many trees near her house. “We have lots of trees here,” she says. “Narra, mangga, aratilis, ipil, banaba.” She also grows vegetables in her garden–tomatoes, malunggay, sitaw, eggplant, beans, ampalaya, okra. “On New Year’s Eve, we didn’t have to check into a hotel in the city to watch the fireworks, like we used to in the past,” she says. They didn’t have to, because at Ayala Greenfield Estates, the Robbs could enjoy a panoramic view of the illuminated skies without ever having to step out of their breezy hilltop home.

A 360-degree view of nature. From the reading nook of the Robbs’ hilltop house, one gets a splendid 360-degree view that begins with Laguna Lake in the north, rises up to Mount Makiling in the east, then rolls down to green countryside in the south and Tagaytay Ridge in the west.

Developed by Ayala Greenfield Development Corporation, Ayala Greenfield Estates is a 350-hectare residential and golf preserve in Calamba, Laguna.  Its unique elevated location provides exceptional views of Mount Makiling, Laguna de Bay, and Tagaytay Ridge.  Amidst this resplendent natural environment, world-class recreational facilities bestow Ayala Greenfield with a genteel country-club lifestyle that its residents are able to enjoy every single day.

Source: Ayala Land Inc. Article Listing

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